Why Do You Smoke?

The first step in understanding any addiction is to gain an understanding of the reasons why you do what you do in the first place.  As you realize each reason record them into your Smokers Diary.

Most smokers never think about when or why they smoke. They just light up every time the desire strikes. Knowing when and why you smoke can help you choose the quitting strategy that will help you succeed. Most people smoke to:

  • To relieve tension, especially after arguments or during stressful times, or when you feel angry, depressed, or upset.
  • To control your weight, either by keeping it down or because you’re afraid of weight gain if you quit.
  • For stimulation, to focus, improve your concentration, or boost your energy when you have low energy.
  • To be part of the group, by joining your friends in having a cigarette.

Why Quit Smoking








Why Do You Smoke?

Learning why you smoke can help you quit Smokers use tobacco to fill many needs. Studies show that most people smoke for one or more of the following reasons:

• Smoking gives me more energy.
• I like to touch and handle cigarettes.
• Smoking is a pleasure.
• Smoking helps me relax when I am tense, upset, or depressed.
• I crave cigarettes; it is an addiction.
• Smoking is a habit, a ritual.
• Smoking relieves my boredom and loneliness.
• Smoking helps control my weight.
• Smoking helps me fit in with other people.
• Smoking gives me a sense of control; I feel like I’m “living on the edge”!
Understanding which needs smoking fills for you is important if you want to quit. Finding other ways to meet these needs can make it easier to give up tobacco.
Smokers may find they smoke for more than one of the ten reasons. If this is true for you, try the tips suggested under each group that apply to you.
If you do not score high on any of the reasons, chances are that you do not smoke very much or have for a long time.
Giving up smoking for good may be easier for you.