Are you Ready to Quit Smoking

The most important and often overlooked aspects of creating a plan to Quit Smoking is being mentally and psychologically prepared. This means preparing yourself for the road ahead, how you plan to deal with withdrawal symptoms, and believing that the health benefits of quitting smoking outweigh all the short-term enjoyment of smoking.

Reinforce your motivation to quit smoking by associating it with a positive outcome for your life: one that will empower your  goal rather than focusing on your addiction.”


I WANT to live longer!

I WANT to feel healthy again!

I WANT to be in control of my life!


Methods to End Your Addiction












Making the decision to quit smoking is not one that happens overnight. Typically you will progress through a minimum of five stages in your quitting journey. Decide what stage you may be at in your journey to quit smoking for good.

  1. Not Thinking About It –  no thoughts about Quitting Smoking.
  2. Thinking About Stop Smoking – I want to Quit but don’t know if I can.
  3. I am Ready to Stop Smoking – I will Quit Smoking, but I don’t know how I will cope.
  4. I Have Quit – It’s Only Been Two Weeks but I feel better already.

Some people think quitting cigarettes is all about willpower and self-discipline, but to quit successfully requires dedicatedl preparation and planning. It involves taking the time to understand your smoking habits and triggers, and developing strategies to cope in situations where you would normally reach for that cigarette.